The 16th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival 2010

The 16th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival 2010 start from 2010/2/6 and end at 2010/4/01. In Zigong, the foreign exchanges and cooperation of the city made remarkable achievements in 2009.  Focusing on the core work of the government and the big events of the city, the foreign affair successfully built an international communication platform for the city. In this year, Zigong not only...

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 is from 28th of February to 7th of March , 2010. It takes place next to Chiayi Park, ChiaYi City. About Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 The 15th day of the first lunar month each year, known as “Yuan Xiao”, is one of the three major traditional festivals in Taiwan. It is also the first festival celebration after the start of the Lunar New Year. Special events...

The Chinese Lantern and The Snow in Beijing Lantern Festival 2010

February 28 2010 is the Chinese Lunar New Year Lantern Festival 2010, after the evening,  snowflake fell from leaden sky, many fancy lantern which were used to celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival were covered with the snow, that form a very fantastic scene. The Beijing citizens still went on the street to view the Lanterns despite the snow. Let’s follow these pictures bellow to enjoy the...

2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival opening ceremony fireworks occur an accident

The fireworks is an important and a large part of the 15-day long New Year celebrations which called Lantern Festival. Unfortunately, the fireworks occur an accident in the opening ceremony of 2010 Taiwan Chiayi Lantern Festival. February 28, 2010, fireworks accidentally shot into a crowd of revellers who were celebrating the 2010 Lantern Festival opening ceremony in Taiwan Chiayi, about 33 people...

Auckland Lantern Festival 2010 take place at Albert Park

Now Chinese Lantern Festival has already became a Chinese cultural exchange programme in the world, 2010 February 26-28, a large celebration of Chinese Lantern Festival  has been take place at Albert Park in New Zealand Auckland (Albert Park is located beside The University of Auckland is accessible from Victoria, Kitchener, Wellesley and Princes streets in the central city. ). Most of the fancy lanterns...

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010′s going is good

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” report, Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 will take place from Feb 28 to Mar 7 at the Chiayi Park of Chiayi City. And the other place also have many Lantern Festival activities in Taiwan, “Tourism Bureau” estimates that there will attract more than 150,000 tourists come to Taiwan to view the fancy lanterns. taiwan tiger lantern Lantern...

126,000 tourists have toured Zigong Lantern Festival in 6 days

126,000 tourists have toured 16th  Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival from the Chinese new year first day to the 6th day, about 70% of the tourists were outside Zigong, and the admission income was about 4.03 million yuan. Many Zigong local citizens join the volunteers to taking part in the show by spontaneous. A lot of tourists have a group photo taken to mark the occasion with the volunteers. zigong...

Zigong Lantern Festival 2010 received 3 records from Guinness Book of World Records

New Year’s Day evening, the headquarters of Shanghai Great World Guinness awarded 3 certificates to the 3 large-scale lantern displays of the Zigong Lantern Festival 2010 in Zigong colorful Lantern Park, their names are “First wall“, “Salt city“, “The best tiger in the world“. The lantern displays of Zigong lantern festival 2010 had considerable bulk, the Chinese...

Three large-scale Chinese Lantern Festivals will hold in Hongkong

When Chinese all in the festal mood of Chinese new year, Hongkong has done the preparation of the three large-scale Chinese Lantern Festivals. Today, the Hong Kong government announced that Hongkong will hold three large-scale Chinese Lantern Festivals to celebrate Spring Lantern Festival from February 26 to 28. The first Chinese Lantern Festival will start at Tseung Kwan O Po Tsui Park from 26 , the...

Romantic Lantern Festival in Shanghai Yu Garden

2010, the first day of the lunar year is the romantic Valentine’s Day, and the Lantern Festival is the Ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day, so that many couples arrived Shanghai Yu Garden to enjoy the both of Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival. couples in Shanghai Yu garden lantern festival They hold up an umbrella, walk in the wet and hand flowers, look so romantic. In the Square,...

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