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Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010′s going is good

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According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” report, Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 will take place from Feb 28 to Mar 7 at the Chiayi Park of Chiayi City. And the other place also have many Lantern Festival activities in Taiwan, “Tourism Bureau” estimates that there will attract more than 150,000 tourists come to Taiwan to view the fancy lanterns.

taiwan tiger lantern

taiwan tiger lantern

Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, with the efforts of Taiwan Tourism Bureau for many years, great achievements have been made in the travel  programs of Taiwan Lantern Festival.

Many off-island medias visited Taiwan, and wildly reporting on the Lantern Festival 2010. About more than 150,000 visitors who from all over the world will travel to Taipei, Chiayi, Tainan, Taitung to enjoy the Taiwan Lantern Festival activities 2010.They estimate that foreign exchange earnings from tourism hit more than NT 3.6 billion, and the worth of media reports may be more than one billion yuan.

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