• Chinese Lantern Festival

    Welcome to Lantern Festival website, Chinese Lantern Festival is an traditional Chinese Festival which is celebrated in the first month 15th of Chinese Lunar calendar. Modern Lantern Festival has evolved into cultural exchange event which is full of cultural content and commercial value. We are a professional Chinese Lantern Festival events company in Zigong.
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  • The amazing carnival

    Giant Lantern Display also known as lantern carnival which is the most important part of Chinese Lantern Festival hold every year by Chinese. In recent year, lantern display is more and more popular in the world for it is full of commercial value and cultural connotations. 2006-2008 we have successfully hold Canada Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Palace.
    Chinese Lantern Displays

The utilization of fire — Human being said farewell to unwisdom
The birth of lamp — Human being walked to brightness
The formation and development of lantern show — Human being enjoys gorgeous lives

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