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Zigong Lantern Festival 2010 received 3 records from Guinness Book of World Records

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New Year’s Day evening, the headquarters of Shanghai Great World Guinness awarded 3 certificates to the 3 large-scale lantern displays of the Zigong Lantern Festival 2010 in Zigong colorful Lantern Park, their names are “First wall“, “Salt city“, “The best tiger in the world“.

The lantern displays of Zigong lantern festival 2010 had considerable bulk, the Chinese lanterns crafts and subject matter were more progressive than previous years.

I think it show the determined of Zigong government who want to develop our Lantern Festival industries. So here were many foreign dignitaries who were invited to Zigong  Lantern Festival 2010 that will be able to help us in the further.

The best tiger in the world lanterns displays

The best tiger in the world - lanterns displays

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