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126,000 tourists have toured Zigong Lantern Festival in 6 days

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126,000 tourists have toured 16th  Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival from the Chinese new year first day to the 6th day, about 70% of the tourists were outside Zigong, and the admission income was about 4.03 million yuan.

Many Zigong local citizens join the volunteers to taking part in the show by spontaneous. A lot of tourists have a group photo taken to mark the occasion with the volunteers.

zigong lantern festival kids

zigong lantern festival kids

There are two and a half hours of theatrical performances everyday, and a total of more than 3,000 performers will did their usual party piece of Chinese folk activities.

This is the Lantern Festival which is the most large-scale and full of participation since the beginning of Zigong Lantern Festival history.

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