Sentosa flower 2006

As we know, in the Lantern Festival Chinese people often prepare many lanterns for celebration, but lanterns is not only used in the Lantern Festival or celebration activities but also being used like the landscape in the public places such like park,  here are some lanterns’ pictures which we made in the Singapore Sentosa flower 2006, you can see that after the social development, in the modern...

Taiwan Extra-Terrestrial Lantern

Lanterns has a very important meaning for Taiwan, kinds of lanterns were used to celebrate kinds of festivals, in 2002 we made some Extra-Terrestrial Lantern for Taiwan’s park. Front cover of E.T. Carnival In the Taiwan park, there held a Extra-Terrestrial Carnival. Here were our E.T. lanterns. Taiwan Extra-Terrestrial Lantern one-eyed monster Taiwan Extra-Terrestrial Lantern crab monster Taiwan...

Special Lantern

In this post Special Material Lanterns , I have said that the lanterns in the Lantern Festival is not only made by silk or paper, but also with silkworm cocoon, CD, porcelain, table tennis balls, red pepper, glass bottles or other materials, in this post I’ll upload some pictures of special material lanterns which we made in the recent years. Shadow Spring River's Flowery Moon-Night Porcelain...

Animal Lantern

Animal lanterns were using the wire shape the frame of animals, use silk to made the skin of  animals, in the daytime, it is true to life, in the night, it is shine with dazzling brilliance, the biggest animal lanterns exhibitions in the world were Singapore Lantern Festival Safari 2005 in Singapore Chinese Garden and Canada Chinese Lantern Festival Video in 2008 at Toronto Rogers,  animal lanterns...

Landscape Lantern

Chinese lanterns are more than just decorations, In the city lighting engineering, Landscape Lantern is widely used. Landscape Lantern often appeared in the park, lake, street, restaurant, and so on. It can made very harmonious atmosphere, and cheaper and more high pressure than traditional landscape lamps. Now, I’ll show you some Landscape Lantern which we made in recent years. Water Lantern The...

Foreign Lantern

For each country, foreign culture very novel, how to help people see the entity foreign culture without taking a trip by their eyes, watching them in a Lantern Festival is a good way, so in the Lantern Festival, sometimes we will design a foreign theme of Lantern Festival for the people. Now you can see some foreign lantern pictures we made in Canada toronto, Singapore Chinese Garden, and other places. Uncharted...

Cartoon Lantern

Cartoon Lanterns suitable for both young and old, it’s very popular in the world, many world famous cartoon companys all have their cartoon characters with copyright , like Mr.Bean, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other Disney characters… and they all creat their cartoon characters lanterns for promotion activity by us. Here are some Cartoon Lanterns which we made...

Traditional Lantern

Traditional Lantern in the Lantern Festival, in addition, we made many big red lanterns also  shaped like dragon and Chinese ancient architecture etc.. They often build up a large lantern arch, it’s full of Chinese traditional atmosphere. According to the Chinese tradition, at the very beginning of a new year, when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky, there should be thousands of...

Modern Lantern

The lanterns in Lantern Festival always show Chinese traditional element, in modern times,with the progress of the times more and more modern elements added, the theme of lanterns changed for the Lantern Festival theme, for example Olympics, Expo, New year, Moon cake festival, Hongkong’s return and so on. Here is some pictures about Modern Lantern which we made in China in recent years. Brilliant...

Religion Lantern Design

In China, Buddhism and Taoism are very popular in folk. As we know, the Lantern Festival is very similar to the temple fair, religion lantern is designed for the religion lantern festival which often hold around the temple and for religious propaganda. The Buddhist Maze Lin Guan Yin Laozi and the young cattle Kuan Yin bless Happy Guanyin hold Beads Gather intelligence Dragon Lantern...

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