2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival opening ceremony fireworks occur an accident

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The fireworks is an important and a large part of the 15-day long New Year celebrations which called Lantern Festival. Unfortunately, the fireworks occur an accident in the opening ceremony of 2010 Taiwan Chiayi Lantern Festival.

February 28, 2010, fireworks accidentally shot into a crowd of revellers who were celebrating the 2010 Lantern Festival opening ceremony in Taiwan Chiayi, about 33 people were burnt. Seven people remained in hospital on Monday, wishing them a speedy recovery.

It’s the first time there had been any injuries in the 21-year history of the Taiwan Lantern Festival, taking place this year in Chiayi city in the south of Taiwan.

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

The fireworks constractors said that the causes of an accident was by the damp weather, some fireworks launchers exploding cause the angle changed, he will pay enough compensation for the injuries.

The accident video from a Taiwan citizen:

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Another video about this Taiwan Lantern Festival an accident:

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At last, I must say when you are in in a crowded place like the opening ceremony of Taiwan Lantern Festival, please be careful your surrounding and keep safety.

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