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Chinese Lantern Festival Video News from CCTV

This is a Chinese Lantern Festival Video News from CCTV9, according to this news the Lantern Festival is ready every place in China. The next celebration of the Festival which is after the Spring Festival is the Chinese Lantern Festival in China, which celebrated over a week after the 15th day of lunar month. The whole country is ready to light the lanterns of all shapes and sizes. The Lantern Festival...

Singapore Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007 video

This is a video from youtube, the content was about the Singapore Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007. You can follow the author to visit the beautiful scene of the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007 at Singapore Chinese Garden. ZD YouTube FLV Player More videos about The Lantern Festival

Greater Vancouver International Lantern Festival Video

This is a part of Greater Vancouver International Lantern Festival Video, It seems that the videomaker get here a little early, the sky is not dark yet.In the night the Chinese lanterns can be more beautiful. ZD YouTube FLV Player more Lantern Festival video

Chinese Lantern Festival Video 2008 Toronto Rogers

This post is about the Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival currently running until October 12th,  2008 at Ontario Place in Toronto. Coming Stroll Around the grounds of  ‘Ontario Place’ and Marvel at The Work of The Chinese Masters, The “Chinese Lantern Festival, Also Highlighting Some Cultural Martial Arts/Dance/Music/and Feats of Power and Balancing. You can click here to kown more...

Chinese Lantern Festival Video 2007 Toronto Rogers

This time we enjoy an evening at the 2007 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival. For the 2nd year, Ontario Place Canada is having the Chinese Lantern Festival.  More people arrived a couple of hours early to get some daylight footage and stayed for the real magic after dark.If them don’t work, you can send me a message, I’ll fix them as soon as possible. Ben’s Tours video ZD YouTube FLV...

Chinese Lantern Festival Video 2006 Toronto Rogers

Here have some video about the Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place in Toronto 2006 from youtube,  I hope you can enjoy the festival atmosphere. Clike it to play the video, if it don’t work you can send me a message. officially reporting ZD YouTube FLV Player tourists video ZD YouTube FLV Player More video about Chinese Lantern Festival

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