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Three large-scale Chinese Lantern Festivals will hold in Hongkong

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When Chinese all in the festal mood of Chinese new year, Hongkong has done the preparation of the three large-scale Chinese Lantern Festivals.

Today, the Hong Kong government announced that Hongkong will hold three large-scale Chinese Lantern Festivals to celebrate Spring Lantern Festival from February 26 to 28.

The first Chinese Lantern Festival will start at Tseung Kwan O Po Tsui Park from 26 , the entrance of park will place 9 Peacock Lanterns to greet visitors, and the gold ingot, fortune prosperity longevity lanterns can increase festive atmosphere.

The second Chinese Lantern Festival will take place at the Tai Temple Playground of Cheung Chau Pak from February 27th, the theme is the about HK local culture: parade of floatsand, fish lanterns and so on.

The last Chinese Lantern Festival will hold at Ko Shan Theatre and Ko Shan Road Park from February 28, There will prepare a shadow-picture lantern named ‘Hustle and bustle in Spring Festival’ which is 7 meters high.



And the Chinese Lantern Festival “Spring and fortune for you” has opened at the HK. Cultural Center Piazza, the lanterns use “auspicious animal,” dragon, phoenix, unicorn and the tortoise as its theme, that will last until March 21.

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