Welcome to Chinese Lantern Festival, I hope you can find what you want in this Chinese Lantern Festival site, and if you have any question or advice, you can post here, thank you.

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to you from Istanbul/ Turkey.. We are an entertainment agency and we are very interested in to have a chinese lantern festival for one of our client…

    Wow you can help me about this please? Thank you very much,

    Kind Regards,

    Bahar Bellisan

  2. Risa Harada says:

    Dear Bahar Bellisan:

    I’m very glad your visit on my site, and interested in Chinese Lantern Festival, I think you can view the two post

    * How to run Lantern Festival
    * Lantern Festival Process

    on my site know how to run Lantern Festival, after that you can ask me for which you want to know about this project, thank you:-)

    Best regards

  3. Tonya Strong says:


    I am a big fan of the Chinese Lantern Festival, I attended the last time it was held at Ontario Place in Toronto Ontario.
    Can you tell me if it will be ever returning again to Ontario Place in Toronto?

    Thank you so much,
    Tonya Strong

  4. Risa harada says:


    I’m very glad that you saw my design in the last year 2008, I have to say Chinese Lantern Festival has not any plan held in the Toronto Ontario Place again, because somebody who want to copy the Chinese Lantern Festival in the Ontario Place blew it in Greater Vancouver.

    The Chinese Lantern Festival involves many Government Factors, it can’t run very good without the Government support. If I have any information about the Chinese Lantern Festival will hold again in the Ontario Place, I will give you a message, thank you for your visit.

  5. Mark Smith says:

    Ni Hao Chen,

    My name is Mark Smith and I am a wheat farmer in Fort Benton, Montana in the United States. Three years ago we adopted our daughter from Wuyishan in Fujian Province. She is a blessing to us. It is our sincere desire that our daughter have an appreciation and understanding of her rich and beautiful Chinese culture. It is mu understanding that Foshan is famous for its lanterns.

    I would like to have a Lunar New Year parade in our small town. I need the following items and was wondering if you could help me?

    I am looking for lanterns that businesses can hang in their windows. I am looking for lanterns that people can hold while they walk in the parade. I am also looking for some lanterns of fish, dragons, phoenix and other such items.

    Also, do you know of any companies that can provide me or donate to me a nine person dragon for the parade? I am interested in Lion dance costumes as well.

    I hope that you can help me make my dream come true for my daughter.

    Xie Xie,

    Mark Smith

  6. Risa Harada says:

    Hello Dear Mark

    The lanterns you need which shaped like dragon and fish need for custom generally.

    For example the Lantern Festival company in other country can not provide lanterns to individual, because to make each lantern must invited many professional lantern craftsmen, each lantern is unique crafts, the costs is very high, each lantern company is for the benefit, they can’t cost high price to make it and send it to you. ( Even if they give the lanterns to you, the lanterns will damaged in transit for they damages easily)

    I think it’s not a good idea to try to get them from the lantern festival company. But there have 3 ways to get them.

    1. Contact the Chinatown of your country which is near your home to look for the lantern craftsmen, and ask the craftsmen who is in your country help you. ( No carriage expense, I think it’s the better way to get the lanterns you need)

    2. Buy it from the B2C website ( But most of them need you buy lots of lanterns, and as the production line, the lanterns may not look very beautiful and unique)

    3. Contact the sponsor who is holding the Chinese Lantern Festival recently in your country for help ( According to my own experience, when the Lantern Festival exhibition is over, all the lantern will be destroyed, you may cost little price to get some of them, if you are lucky enough, it’s the best way)

    I hope the 3 tips can help you, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

  7. Mark Smith says:

    Hello Chen,

    Thank you very much for your help. You have given me some excellent information. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get a Foshan style lantern in the shape of a fish or dragon… I was hoping for a small version that a person could hold and walk with.

    One of the problems that I have is that I live 1200 kilometers from the nearest Chinatown.

    I do like your idea about getting the lanterns following Lantern Festival. I will check into B2C as well.

    Many thanks,


  8. Tania Canas says:

    I was reading through the Lantern festival webiste and was just wondering what the demographic of lantern festival participants is made up of? Is it mainly primary school children? Young adults? The senior?
    In your opinion what is the best way to promote the festival to the community as well as a multicultural community such as Melbourne Australia?

  9. Risa Harada says:

    Hi Canas

    The mainly demographic is Chinese who is living near the holding place or in this Country, the second is Photographer, they can promote more local foreigners join Chinese Lantern Festival.

    To hold a large scale Lantern Festival need the government‘s help, selecting a good region where has enough Chinese people, adequate funding and preparation.

  10. zoeb Khan says:


    Please get in touch urgently, i need to have a lantern festival in Mumbai, India with all cartoon characters.



  11. Gan Chau says:

    dear site owner:
    I would like to know about the paper material you used for iron wire modeling (paperhanging)… is it waterproof? how do u shape it? or is it only water proofed after colouring? I would be ever grateful if u can tell me what kind of paper was used or provide more information on wire modeling craft.
    yours sincerely.

  12. Risa Harada says:


    I’m sorry, maybe I can’t help you about this question, we don’t use paper material for paperhanging, because our lanterns always need exhibited about 3-6 month in a lantern festival, we often use Nylon or Silk material.

  13. Mdm Ho says:


    I would like to find out when & where can i purchase the tickets for Chinese Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden as my children are very interested after viewing the website?

    Thank you.

  14. Risa Harada says:


    CHINESE LANTERN FESTIVAL will only be held in Mid-Autumn Day and The New Year in Chinese Garden, you could get the contact information of Singapore Chinese Garden from the internet, and buy tickets for your family.

    Qiu Chen

  15. gan chau says:

    may i know how u fix ur silk/nylon material onto the iron wire frame? sewing? do u have any plans or drawings or extra info on giant dragon lanterns or iron wire modeling? around 4 meters high… i would appreciate it very much.. :)

  16. Risa Harada says:

    Hi gan chau

    We have a craftsmen called paperhanger( most of them were women and in Chinese called 裱糊工), they can fix my silk/nylon material onto the iron wire frame, if you want some plan of drawing on dragon lantern, you can view this post Canada Lantern Festival 2006 design‘s page 5 ^^

  17. Phuc says:

    My name is Phuc and i want to visit singapore in lantern festival so do you known when and where the lantern festival take place in Singapore?
    Thank you very much and i’m looking forward to your reply

  18. Risa Harada says:

    Singapore Chinese Garden(裕华园) usually hold lantern festival in Mid-Autumn Festival and New Year every year, you can pay attention to Chinese Garden’s events info in these two holidays from internet ^^

  19. gan chau says:

    thanks! appreciate it!

  20. Praba says:


    I am from Singapore. Kindly let me know your detailed contact address and mobile number. I would be doing a small scale project in philippines. Drop me a mail : info@gillsnclaws.com



  21. Risa Harada says:


  22. Irene says:


    Would you be holding the Lantern Festival in Toronto this year? If yes, do you know the date?

  23. Risa Harada says:

    Hi we don’t have any plan about holding lantern festival in Toronto again recently, if I get any information about it, I’ll send a message to you ^^.

  24. cynthia blake says:


    I would like to know how what kind of power supply and what kind lighting technology is used.

    Beautiful site!

    Thank you,

  25. Marcus says:


    I am currently seeking for a lantern manufacturers.
    Do you mind emailing the company that manufacture lantern as soon as possible?

    Best regards,


  26. Pawat Maswongssa says:

    dear Sir
    I need to contact your company regarding Lantern Festival in Thailand ,now we have events in Thailand ,Chinese New Year etc.
    can we buy a lantern or may be joint together in future.you can contact pawat@loxinfo.co.th
    best regards

  27. Manon Bremond says:

    i would like to have more information about your lanterns. We are a theme park in the south of France and we would like to know if we can buy or rent some lanterns and how could we work together? Do you produce lanterns? if you don’t could you tell me the manufacturer ? thank you
    My regards,

  28. Maulik Shah says:

    Hi – I am from India and would like to discuss very quickly how you can be our partner in supplying various large scale lanterns. Please reply to the email address shared here.


  29. Kahn Warsah says:

    I would like to make a Lantern Festival in Indonesia.

    Please reply as soon as possible, to my email




  30. Boon Huan Aw says:

    We have a theme park in Indonesia hill top,can you or do you want to work together with us or join venture basis to held an International Lantern Festival in our park,thanks.

  31. Marcial Villaflor says:


    we are looking for Chinese lantern supplier. kindly advise details. e-mail me asap.



  32. alex nasta says:

    i would like to have more information about your lanterns. We are an aquarium that is in the building process and we would like to know if we can buy or rent some lanterns and how could we work together thank you
    Best regards,

  33. Firdaus M.S says:

    Hi,i’m frm event management company in Malaysia,we’re very interested in setting up the lantern festival on the tourist island of LANGKAWI,MALAYSIA.Since it’s a main tourist island in Malaysia that received around 3 million tourist/year we saw the opportunity of running the succesfull Lantern Festival next year with the support of local authority.

    We’ve rectified the location.Need to know the procedure and cost involved of setting up the festival that will involved at least 200 -300 LANTERN of various sizes.

    Thank you.hope for your favourable reply.

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