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How to use paper cups to make a Chinese red lantern

When you want to make a easy Chinese lantern, you’ll find the traditional materials of lanterns were not  very easy be prepared. Today I’ll show you how to use paper cups which were in everybody’s home to make a Chinese red lantern. Materials: Paper cup, red paint, plastic rod, red cotton thread Tools: Brushes, scissors Step 1: According to pictures, cut paper cups Step 1: According...

Easy way to make a red paper lantern

Some school usually gives the homework about make a paper lantern before the Lantern Festival, that’s not a very difficulte thing, there are many ways to make a lantern, in this post, I’ll show you how to make a red paper lantern within 5 easy steps, the pictures is from a manual arts book. At first, you must get these materials  for this work. Material: red paper*1 knife*1 stick*1 threads*n(n>1) Step...

Make a Chinese fancy lantern for Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival is coming, maybe you want to make a Chinese traditional fancy lantern for celebrating the Chinese Lantern Festival. Here has two parts of a detailed video about it, it’s a standard course. I’m sure it can help you, only that the video speeking in Chinese Mandarin, despite that I think the video scene is very enough. fancy lantern I would like to translate all...

How to make a Traditional Lantern Video

This video is about How to make a Traditional Lantern Video.In China, the tradtional lantern usually used in the lantern festival. If you can’t find some wood rings to make the traditional lantern, I think you can use plastic rings or iron rings to do, the rings can get from your daily necessities. ZD YouTube FLV Player Read more about how to make lantern

How to make a paper star lantern Video

This is a video from youtube, about how to make a paper star lantern. The star lantern is different from the Chinese Lantern. But the making way is nearly. This video is a lovely video, only that the author didn’t number them, and divided them  into 9 parts to upload. Everybody can’t watch them in the order. For watching it easily, I try to make the 9 parts in 1 post.  I hope it is useful...

How to make paper lantern(Square)

I’ll try to provide some knowledge of lantern making. Today, we talk about How to make paper lantern(Square), the production method is similar to Chinese lanterns, if you are very good at origami, that will be very easy. The lantern can be used as lighting in the home. To make the paper lantern,the best material is use of the polypropylene material. However, if we just want to make a little paper...

How to make lantern(use waste material)

I’ll try to provide some knowledge of lantern making. Today, we talk about how to use the waste material to make a lantern, I think it’s very similar to the production methodof Chinese lanterns. Material: A Coke bottle(about 2L) A red light bulb(15-25w, with bulb holder , plug and some wire) An A4 paper which was printed with patterns (Example using a bamboo pattern) A scissors. A piece...

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