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Chinese Crafts and Cuisine Exchange

Chinese Crafts and Cuisine Exchange is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas,  in the form of temple fair stands , we combine small folk and special snacks commodities with different national characters on a street, creating a corridor full of national folk cultures from all over the world. Chinese Crafts and Cuisine Exchange This will play an important role in strengthening cooperation...

Chinese Folk Customs

Chinese Folk Customs is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, through the assemblage of our Chinese folk crafts art ,craftmen ,craft goods and craft show such as clay figure ,paper-cut ,embroidery ,tie dying ,kite ,wood carving and some other essential Chinese folk art types, we present the extensive culture of China to people of other countries, Chinese Folk Customs strengthening communication...

Face Changing

Face Changing is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, Sichuan opera is the operatic-tune art form with Sichuan charateristics. Face changing and spitting fire are the two most common and influential traditional stunts in Sichuan opera performance art. Its basic goal lies in helping to portray personages’ image , Face Changing point out the inner world of the drama personages to...

Chinese Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance originated during the Han Dynasty, it is one of the most important performance  in Lantern Festival, the lion dance is often seen in Chinese festival celebrations. Dragon Dance Wiki Youtube Dragon Dance Youtube Lion Dance Lion Dance Wiki More about Related Activities of Chinese Lantern Festival Overseas Chinese Dragon Dance

Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, also know as the Chinese martial arts, it is originated from Chinese ancient ancestors’ productive labor . It takes skill-hit as the main content and wrestling as the movement form which highlights Chinese traditional sport items. It is a valuable cultural heritage that the Chinese people accumulated for a long time. Chinese...

Chinese Shadow Theater

Chinese Shadow Theater is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, Chinese Shadow Theater is the appellation of shadow show and its personages products ( including props and sceneries) . Chinese Shadow Theater, which is simple and elegant with profound national flavour,  has the value both for appreciation and reservation. Terminology from wikipedia A number of terms are used to describe...

Chinese Puppet

Chinese Puppet show is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, the Chinese Puppet Show is known as mu’ouxi (play of wooden dolls), in the country, which has its roots in remote time.  Traditionally, Puppet Show comes in three forms:  the rod-top puppet,  the marionette or string puppet and the glove or hand puppet.  In China, the rod-top puppet is the most popular show. Chinese...

Chinese Acrobatics

Chinese Acrobatics is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas,  it performance already had a more than 2,500 years’ history in China, it’s as a folk art to display human body skills . It often show  with other art like song , dance , Zaju , puppet etc . Chinese Acrobatics Chinese Acrobatics created  many kinds of programmes which are close to folk life and reaching the artistic...

Chinese Folk Music

Chinese Folk Music is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, In the long river of history , Chinese Folk Music has always accompanied people in their life . There were a large number of instrumental performances and activities on New Year’s Day and other festivals including weddings, funerals, temple fairs, Lantern Festival, etiquettes and religious activities in the ancient courts...

Chinese Opera Show

Chinese Opera Show is one important part of Lantern Festival Overseas,  is originated from primitive songs and dances. Through a long-time development and absorbtion of many factors like folk dance, performance, Kungfu and other art. It forms an artistic expression form of using multiway to express life and build personages. Chinese opera show embodies the unique opera ascetic ideas and artistic features...

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