Singapore Chinatown Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival Program Design

Singapore Chinatown(牛车水) held the Lantern Festival at every new year, Lantern Festival, Moon Festival (or called Mid-Autumn Festival), for the matters of the foreign policy and the language we have a local partner “Lanterns In Motion” is responsible for relating matters of Singapore local projects, here is our program of Singapore Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007 at Singapore Chinatown. You...

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 was closed

In the countdown sound of the citizens, lasting 8-days’ 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival was closed at yesterday (March 7) 22:30, the main theme lantern, “Good Fortune to Taiwa ” was lighted last time, left a good memories for everyone. Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 attracted 4 main newspapers from Japanese , and many journalists who came from South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore and Malaysia,...

Photography tips in the Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival haven’t reached yet, many Chinese lanterns have been lit up in the parks of every Chinese city. But many residents were complaining about it’s too hard to take a photograph of the lanterns displays well, the photograph is too dim. Many booth keeper seize the opportunity to push the sale of their snapshot service. But the price is too expensive at this time....

Happy new year!

The new year is coming. Today end of the firecrackers at noon, eating the family dinner with my parents, I’m looking at my father and mather who with hair as white as snow, time goes by so quickly.I think this nice family is the really happiness for me. May eveybody enjoy good health and much happiness in the year to come. happy new year

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