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Production process pictures of Mr Bean visit the Mid-Autumn Festival

As Mr Bean’s British humor, Mr Bean was famous known in the world, in order to promote Mr Bean in Asia, Mr Bean’s company invited us to produce the cartoon lanterns, this event held at the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival in Singapore, this post recorded the production process of ‘Mr Bean visit the Mid-Autumn Festival’, through which you can more understand the crafts of Chinese...

Beijing Lantern Festival

Beijing is the capital of China, we held Lantern Festival very frequently for its cultural background in Beijing, the technological level of Beijing Lantern Festival is one of the most top Lantern Festival outside Zigong. As we know, the Lantern Festival was held in the 15th day of Chinese new year, but in recent years, the Lantern Festival was not only held in the 15th day but also held in anytime...

Shanghai Disney Lantern Festival

In  2005, Shanghai held a very large-scale Lantern Festival about the Disney for popularizing it to more Chinese people. We were very honored to make lanterns for this great event. Shanghai Disney Lantern Festival showed more than 30 Disney stories, about 34 scenes of Disney stories with lanterns exhibited in Changfeng Park in 2005, Shanghai. And it held on evening of April 28, lasted itno June. All...

Canada Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2007 Design

After Canada Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2006‘s great success, we held Chinese Lantern Festival again in Ontario Palace at 2007,  here has some construction sketch pictures about this project of Canada Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2007, some of them were very popular in the world, and been made again and again in other Lantern Festival. [Show as slideshow] [View...

Canada Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2006 Design

Canada Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival is a cultural exchange project between China and Canada. 2006 is the first year we exhibited in Canada, here has some construction sketch pictures about this project of Canada Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2006. [Show as slideshow] [View with PicLens] ...

Singapore Lantern Festival Design – F8 Kitty Go Races!

Introduction Chinese Garden has developed her lantern festival from a humble beginning some 33 years ago. Today it has created such a stir that it is now celebrated as part of the Singapore Tourism Board’S annual calendar. This annual event is also multi pronged and has been able to attract multiracial SingaDoreans and our neighbors extensively, including the tourists that are in Singapore during...

Singapore Magic Ocean Lantern Festival 2007 Design

Singapore Magic Ocean Lantern Festival was held in Chinese Garden at 2007 Mid-Autumn Festival. To awaken people’s awareness of protecting marine life and satisfy the curiosity of the fantastic infauna are the designing concepts of the Singapore Magic Ocean Lantern Festival. This was part designs of the planning documents in the Magic Ocean Lantern Festival. Turtle Welcome You Another Selection...

Lantern Festival Activities

In Chinese Lantern Festival, there are so many folk activities in this Festival not only watching the lantern display, now I’ll introduce most of the Lantern Festival activities often show in the Lantern Festival for you. 1. Giant Lantern Display As we know that the most important activity is watching the lantern display. I have post many information about it, in this post I’ll not talk...

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 2002 8th

The 8th Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival started from February 1 to March 10 in 2002. Lasted 38 days and received 600,000 foreign visitors. The lantern sets “Century holy lantern,” “Zodiac fireworks,” success join in the   “Century Guinness.” In the lantern festival this year, Zigong get investment Projects 245, a total investment of 7.74 billion...

Lantern Fair

Lantern fair is a traditional event in Chinese main festival: the Chinese new year, the Chinese Lantern Festival, the Midautumn Festival, or other festivals. The name of Lantern Fair Lantern fair also named lantern festival, lantern carnival, lantern display. The activities of Lantern Fair Lantern fair is very similar as the folk event temple fair, thousands of people can join the large activity for...

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