The Epigraphy of the “Wu Huang Lantern Festival”

The stone stele of Wu Huang Lantern Festival was made during Qianlong period in Qing Dynasty and was found in the “Wu Huang Cave” at that time (Now known as Zhulin Village, Aiye County, Gongjing District). ” Wu Huang Cave” is located next to the ” Wu Huang Temple”. The stone stele of ” Wu Huang Lantern Festival” has been the witness of Zigong Lantern...

Discovery of the Fire

For clearly know about the Formation of the Lantern Festival, at first we must talk about the  discovery of the Fire in the old stone age. The retaining and utilization of fire Paleolithic-Neolithic ages (about 2.5 million years~4000 years ago) Fire was the totem of human ancestors. In the history of human development, the fire brought human being into a civilized age. Mankind experienced following...

Lanterns in Han Dynasty

The birth of lantern, the appearance of hurricane lamp in Han Dynasty and introduction of Buddhism created a good condition for outdoor lamp and lantern show. For the purpose of shielding wind, moving lamps and working at night, human being produced various kinds of practical lamp and lamp utensil via various vessels and fuels. Since thousands of years, human pursuit to the craftwork of lampshade has...

Formation of the Lantern Festival

The historical scroll of Chinese traditional culture unrolls its all glory. The bright and colorful lantern culture with substantial contents is just a glorious view of it. Fire was the main tool when the remote ancestors trudged over a difficult way to civilization. It was fire and light that opened the heart of human beings and brought the birth to lamps. China is one of the earliest countries that...

Development of the Lantern Festival

By the Sui Dynasty, the custom to hold a lantern show on the night of the 15th of the 1st lunar month had evolved into a legal traditional festival – Lantern Festival, which was celebrated with specific rituals in fixed time every year. The Lantern Festival in Zigong On the night of the 15ht of the 1st lunar month, there was a sea of various fascinating lanterns accompanied by wonderful displays...

The oldest lantern poem

Today I talks about the oldest lantern poem which named TingLiao in the world, in the modern time, lantern poem and the lantern riddles are often written on the Chinese lanterns in the Lantern Festival. Before the invention of the light, our ancestors used to light the torch, the torch known as the “candle” at the time, candle is divided into two types: “out side the door named...

Lantern Festival poem – the fallen colours and flowing golden light

飞彩流金, 水上灯韵.  The fallen colours and flowing golden light. 灯因水溢彩, 水以灯流光.  Owing to water, lanterns overfolw the lustre and water flashes for lanterns. 瑶池碧海、云波烟涛、彩泉飞珠、激光夜照; Taking a green pool as sea, with the cloudy waves, water pearls and razer as night background. 群龙戏水、鱼游凤舞、仙女翩翩、仙乐阵阵....

What is the Lantern Displays

As we know,  the Lantern Festival is one of Chinese largest and most influential folk activities, also called Chinese Lantern Festival, Chinese Lantern Carnivals, Chinese color lantern(彩灯) carnivals, Chinese fancy lantern(花灯) carnivals, in this festival, people decorated there street with lanterns and coloured ribbons, there are many different lanterns put in a relatively large place to describe...

Lantern Festival customs

There were many peculiar Chinese Lantern Festival customs in the ancient China. It is different from the folk activities like dragon dance and guess riddles that will not only happen on the Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival customs Lantern Festival customs 1 : Making lanterns are hung outside each house to help the dead to find their way. (or keep off evil spirits) Lantern Festival customs 2: Eating...

Lantern Festival facts

My English is not very good that it seems to me that the Lantern Festival facts means some interesting and useful information about the Lantern Festival, if it’s correct, please ready this post. If I make a mistake about this words please tell me the really means, I’ll fix it soon. dragon boat lantern The Lantern Festival began in Han dynasty(A.D. 25 -  A.D.220 ) The Lantern Fstival is...

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