Chinese Shadow Theater

Chinese Shadow Theater is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas,

Chinese Shadow Theater is the appellation of shadow show and its personages products ( including props and sceneries) . Chinese Shadow Theater, which is simple and elegant with profound national flavour,  has the value both for appreciation and reservation.

Terminology from wikipedia

A number of terms are used to describe the different forms.

  • (皮影戏, pí yĭng xì) is a shadow theatre using leather puppets. The figures are usually moved behind a thin screen and is not entirely a show of shadows as it is more of a silhouette shadow. This gives the figures some color, and is not 100% black and white.
  • (纸影戏, zhĭ yĭng xì) is paper shadow theatre.
  • (中國影戏, zhōng guó yĭng xì) is Chinese shadow theatre.
Chinese Shadow Theater

Chinese Shadow Theater

It is a unique artistic variety form combining folk art and drama , and also an indispensable exquisite pearl in the palace of Chinese folk art.

youtube video Chinese shadow theater

Wiki shadow play

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