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Chinese Puppet

Chinese Puppet show is one important item  of Lantern Festival Overseas, the Chinese Puppet Show is known as mu’ouxi (play of wooden dolls), in the country, which has its roots in remote time.  Traditionally, Puppet Show comes in three forms:  the rod-top puppet,  the marionette or string puppet and the glove or hand puppet.  In China, the rod-top puppet is the most popular show.

Chinese Acrobatics

Chinese Acrobatics

The puppet, less than a meter tall, is made with true-to-life features.  It is raised overhead at the top of a stick by the puppeteer with one hand and manipulated its action (moving a pair of wire rods) with the other hand.

One of the basic skills required of the puppeteer is to be able to hold high the puppet, which weighs 2 to 3 kilograms, with one arm and to keep it either motionless or moving steadily on the same level as dictated by the scenario.

In Canada Chinese Lantern Festival, we can’t show the Large-scale puppet show for the arena limit.

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