Lantern Festival Overseas

Exhibition is one of the most populer large-scale poly-folk cultural activities, which depends on “Zigong Lantern Festival”, brimming over with national characteristics. It’s a carrier of culture, a reflection of culture.It’s expressed with the  universal language form which is special for the Lantern and the technique including shape,color,sound and light,which is a method of the drumbeating for the chinere culture.

Some details about Chinese Lantern Festival:

The public show of Chinese Lantern Festival overseas.

  1. 2006 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival
  2. 2007 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival
  3. 2008 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival
  • Chinese Garden lantern Festival (Singapore yearly)Professional Level A
  1. Kitty Lantern Festival Singapore 2004
  2. Lantern SAFARI – Singapore Lantern Festival 2005
  3. Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007 – Magic Ocean
  4. Lantern Fantasy 2008 featuring F8 – Kitty Go Races!
  • Hello Kitty Lantern Funtasy (Walt Disney 2002 Taiwan)


Thailand (Safari)

The Philippines (Disney Characters)

Malaysia (Hello Kitty event)


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