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Chinese Opera Show

Chinese Opera Show is one important part of Lantern Festival Overseas,  is originated from primitive songs and dances. Through a long-time development and absorbtion of many factors like folk dance, performance, Kungfu and other art. It forms an artistic expression form of using multiway to express life and build personages. Chinese opera show embodies the unique opera ascetic ideas and artistic features of Chinese nation.

Chinese Opera Show

Chinese opera whow is general stereotyped as being for senior citizens only. In my opinion, Chinese opera is a beautiful performance and the opera team actually keep up to date with current technology, they even used western musical instruments like saxophone, cello, etc. And their stage also use moving LED with Chinese text to help younger generation to understand. That was so impressive. The costumes are getting more beautiful these days, the style may be the same to retain the traditional sense, but the materials, colours and cutting have changed to give them a fresh and updated look.

Now it often performed in foreign countries, therefore it performed in the Lantern Festival of Canada, Singapore, and other large-scale Lantern Festival inforeign countries.

Youtube Chinese Opera Show video

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