Lantern Festival kids

In the Lantern Festival, the kids were always happy. Especially in China’s rural, the folk activities of lantern festival were very popular. Here were a group photos of kids that were shooting in the Shexian  North Village , China. The date was in the Lantern Festival party. Their faces were knowing nothing of evil or wrong that touched my heart deeply. Lantern Festival kids Related Tip: Do...

Chinese Lantern Festival Music

In China, people often came together to celebrate their faminly reunion in Lantern Festival, while the Lantern Festival, there are many outdoor activities, now I provide some music that were frequently used in Chinese Lantern Festival. You can click the triangle to play the music below. Chinese Lantern Festival Music 1 – Celebrate Lantern Festival (Guzheng) Guzheng is is an ancient folk instruments...

Chinese Lantern Festival 2010 date

The Chinese new year Festival is coming , I have seen many people used google to find that ‘Chinese Lantern Festival 2010 date ‘ , I think it is not easy to get clear date from Chinese lunar calendar for a foreigner. The date of Chinese Lantern Festival 2010 is 2010 February 28 , I hope it can help you. You also can visited When is the lantern festival to get the Chinese Lantern Festival...

Chinese Lantern Festival Foods

In Chinese Lantern Festival, there has two traditional foods, Tangyuan and Yuanxiao.  The round shape of the dumpling is a symbol of wholeness,  completeness and comity.Tangyuan’s English name is named as glue pudding & sweet dumplings. Yuanxiao’s English name is named as ‘Lantern Festival‘. Chinese Lantern Festival food - yuanxiao Even in China, many Chinese people consider...

Legend Of Lantern Festival – 4

This Legend Of Lantern Festival is about Yuan Shikai and the Lantern Festival. It is said that after the 1911 Revolution, Yuan Shikai wants to become the emperor once again. However, he fears that people opposed him, he was disturbed every day. One day, he heard the person selling Yuan Xiao on the street, the people shouting: “Yuan – Xiao(In Chinese word Xiao means extinction).”Yuan...

Legend Of Lantern Festival – 3

There are various popular and interesting legends of Lantern Festival,this post we talk about ‘Dong Fang Shuo and the Yuan Xiao girl’.The legend is about the custom of eating Yuan Xiao. Emperor Wu of Han has a favorite minister called Dong Fang Shuo.He has good sense of humor and kind-hearted.When he first entered the door, he found a court lady ready to jump into the well,who burst into tears....

Legend Of Lantern Festival – 2

Another legend of the Lantern Festival was set up by the Han Emperor for commemorate the Ping Lu. After Han’s emperor Liu Bang’s death, Liu Ying who was the Empress Lu’s son, became the Han Hui emperor. Han Hui emperor‘s disposition was weak, indecisive.his right gradually fell in the hands of Empress Lu. Empress Lu attached importance to her family – Lu, reduce the status...

Legend of Lantern Festival – 1

About the Lantern Festival Legends, this post is about the history lighting colourful lantern. Long long ago, there were a lot of ferocious beasts, they hurted human and  livestocks everywhere, therefore, people combined togeter to fight against them. Unfortunately, a uninformed hunter killed a bird from paradise who lost its way in mortal world by mistake. The Emperor of Heaven got furious when he...

History of Lantern Festival

After you know about What is the Lantern Festival? The Lantern Festival history is a very long time. According to the folk legend, the 15th day in the new year(lunar calendar) has been arosen increasing attention in the Western Han Dynasty. In the night, Emperor Wu of Han worship “Tai Yi” campaign at the Oasis Temple.(Tai Yi): The God who dominated all the world. Emperor Wu of Han is the...

What is the Lantern Festival? – Lantern Festival Origin

This article should tell you the Lantern Festival Origin, What is the Lantern Festival? Lantern Festival is the first month 15th of Lunar calendar. Furthermore, known as the Shang Yuan Festival, Yuan Night, the Lantern Festival. Around a lot to say about the origin of the Chinese Lantern Festival, there are three theories as to spread wider. Lantern Festival Origin The Lantern Festival is the Han...

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