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Lantern Festival poem – the fallen colours and flowing golden light

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飞彩流金, 水上灯韵.  The fallen colours and flowing golden light.

灯因水溢彩, 水以灯流光.  Owing to water, lanterns overfolw the lustre and water flashes for lanterns.

瑶池碧海、云波烟涛、彩泉飞珠、激光夜照; Taking a green pool as sea, with the cloudy waves, water pearls and razer as night background.

群龙戏水、鱼游凤舞、仙女翩翩、仙乐阵阵. The soaring dragon, ancing pheonixes and celestial maidens as well as swimming fishes are lightly moving with relevant music.

此景只应天上有,倏然一夜在人间. It seems that the Heaven scene falls on the earth in one night.



Writing in Zigong Lantern Festival, The large-sized Lantern sets compose a magnificent scenery for Zigong Lantern Festival.

zigong lantern fesitval

zigong lantern fesitval

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