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The historical scroll of Chinese traditional culture unrolls its all glory. The bright and colorful lantern culture with substantial contents is just a glorious view of it.

Fire was the main tool when the remote ancestors trudged over a difficult way to civilization. It was fire and light that opened the heart of human beings and brought the birth to lamps. China is one of the earliest countries that made use of lamps.

With wider application of lamps, the lamps and lanterns in different dynasties have been in endless variety and of super craftmanship excelling nature. They radiate the wisdom of Chinese nationality. As more and more carnivals in Spring Festival were developed, spring festival culture initiated. Particularly, lantern shows and lantern festivals contributed a great deal to the cultural accumulation of China. The distinct lantern culture brightened the history and spread far and wide through out the country.

During the Warring States Period, Qin and Han dynasties lamps and lanterns were mainly made of bronze, the craftsmanship of which had come of age no matter in molding, ornament or production. In the Shang Dynasty bronze wares were used primarily in sacrifice. While during the Warring States Period bronze wares went under trasformation in function which gave priority to practical utility and the integration of pragmatism and aesthetics. Bronze sculptures were molded vividly and elegantly, with no the grave and mysterious colors of those in the Shang Dynasty. As to arts and crafts, molding techniques such as cast welding and dewaxing casting were proficiently used. Although in the Han Dynasty, many bronze wares were  replaced by lacquer and porcelain ones, bronze lamps and lanterns outshined and the first boom of ancient Chinese lamps and lanterns in history came into being.

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      1. Karie Geiger says:

        I am curious to know about the audience that attends a Lantern Festival. Does it primarily draw its audience from the area surrounding the festival location, or is it the type of festival that tourists travel to attend? I am trying to determine the overnight accommodation potential from a Lantern Festival. Thanks for whatever information you can offer.

      2. Risa Harada says:

        Most of the audience is Oveaseas Chinese they can promote more foreign people join the lantern festival.

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