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How to make lantern(use waste material)

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I’ll try to provide some knowledge of lantern making. Today, we talk about how to use the waste material to make a lantern, I think it’s very similar to the production methodof Chinese lanterns.


  • A Coke bottle(about 2L)
  • A red light bulb(15-25w, with bulb holder , plug and some wire)
  • An A4 paper which was printed with patterns (Example using a bamboo pattern)
  • A scissors.
  • A piece of sandpaper
  • A roll of adhesive tape

The process of manufacture

  • Cut the bottom of the bottle Coke with scissors (Take a piece of sandpaper and round off the angles. Take care, and not injure oneself!)
  • Use scissors to open seven holes at the top of bottle (one hole in bottle cap, others surrounded  it at the top of bottle)
  • Use the wires go through the bottle cap, and fitted it with light bulbs and bulb holder.
  • Crop your A4 paper to the right size, roll it up, put it inside the bottle and fixed it with adhesive tape.
  • Install the plugs, check there is no problom, then open power.

Reference picture

How to make lantern (Finished)

How to make lantern (Finished)

How to make lantern(Light effects)

How to make lantern(Light effects)

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  1. Cressida Laroque says:

    Xie Xie. Thank you for your tutorial. It was perfect for my needs. I hope to make a dozen lanterns and hang above my patio for a little party of friends. It will look wonderful at night here in Florida, USA. It is not a fancy party, just a fun get together.

  2. Matilde Ruiz says:

    Ni hau! xie xie pelas informações, sou encantada com as coisas da China, e vou tentar fazer uma lanterna. Obrigada

  3. 江純仁 says:


  4. So Eun says:

    It’s a good one but it’s hard to get the materials

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