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This is a video from youtube, about how to make a paper star lantern. The star lantern is different from the Chinese Lantern. But the making way is nearly.

This video is a lovely video, only that the author didn’t number them, and divided them  into 9 parts to upload. Everybody can’t watch them in the order.

For watching it easily, I try to make the 9 parts in 1 post.  I hope it is useful to you.

Folding the star points for a paper lantern. Lighting up a room by learning how to make a star-shaped paper lantern in this free crafting video.

  1. Folding the Points for a Paper Star
  2. Drawing a Star Outline for a Paper
  3. Adding Glue Tabs to a Paper Lantern
  4. Cutting Out Star Points for a Paper
  5. Attaching Star Points for a Paper Lantern
  6. Adding Light Holes to a Paper Lantern
  7. Decorating Stars on a Paper Lantern
  8. Adding Lights to a Paper Star Lantern
  9. Supplies for Making Paper Lanterns
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  1. You says:

    very slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. me says:

    Why does it start over in the middle??

  3. The star says:

    How about if you put a candle in the middle is it possible?

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