Lantern Riddles

Lantern riddles are riddles that were written on the lanterns that are displayed during the Chinese Lantern Festival or Chinese middle autumn festival and so on. The full name of ‘Lantern Riddles‘ are ‘riddles written on lanterns‘.

Chinese Lantern Riddles

Chinese Lantern Riddles

People in the festival must guess the answer from a word , a poem or a phrase, guessing the riddles are as hard as fighting with a tiger, so that lantern riddles have another name -  ‘lantern tigers’ .

Three essential features of lantern riddles

  • Unique formats: The lantern riddles consiste of three parts, the riddles, the suggest, and the answer.
  • Different meaning: There are many different  meaning in a Chinese character. If you want to get the answer of lantern riddles, you must ponder deeply with a different meansing of the words in the riddles.
  • The answer is not repeat:There is no repeat character between the riddles and the answer.

Some example of Lantern Riddles

English Lantern Riddles

Riddles: What’s full of holes but still holds water?

Answer: a sponge

Riddles: What building has the most stories?

Answer: A Library

Riddles: Which is faster, hot or cold?

Answer: Hot’s faster. You can catch a cold

Riddles: When is your mind like a rumpled bed?

Answer: When it is not made up.

Riddles: What is it that everybody does at the same time?

Answer: grow older

Chinese Lantern Riddles

Riddles: ‘不负中秋夜明月’

Suggest: 成语

Answer: 胜利在望

Riddles: ‘灯会元宵初’

Suggest: 化学词语

Answer: 烷

Riddles: ‘春节第一日’

Suggest: 字谜

Answer: 夫

Now, I think you can understand the different between Chinese lantern riddles and English Riddles, Chinese lantern riddles are so hard to get the answer, for a Chinese character has too many meaning.And it is impossible to translate from Chinese Lantern riddles to English riddles.

If you want to find more Chinese Lantern riddles, you can google this word ‘灯谜’.

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