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Chinese Lantern Festival 2010 in Zigong is opening today

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Today in Zigong 2010/2/6, the Chinese Lantern Festival which is named the 16th session International Dinosaur Lantern Festival is opening in the coloured lights park. At this year, the lantern festival will scheduled to last fifty days. It will start 2010/2/6 and end at 2010/3/28.

Zigong is the hometown of large Chinese lantern festival in the world. Many country’s lantern festival were made by the craftmen in Zigong. 2010′s lanterns is more amazing.

immortals celebrate the New Year - 16th lantern festival in zigong

immortals celebrate the New Year - 16th lantern festival in zigong

The 16th session International Dinosaur Lantern Festival’s opening ceremony invited guests who came from United States, France, Japan, Thailand, Denmark, the Philippines, Cambodia and so on, there are 58 guests in 9 countries.

In the coloured lights park, 14 major themes and 28 attractions of lanterns have all been finished. This is the Year of the Tiger in China, the highlighting lanterns are “the bigest tiger in the world ” ” the No.1 wall in China ” and ” Oriental Aquarius” .

As a practitioner of lanterns maker , I will also come to the park , and bring back some pictures or video to my blog.

Top 10 highlighting Lanterns in Chinese Lantern Festival 2010

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