Chinese lanterns in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

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Ming and Qing Dynasties were another most prosperous period in Chinese history. The lamp utensils in the dynasties were richer than those in Tang and Song Dynasties. Chinese Palace lantern with the features of lighting and appreciation reached its most splendor peak. Varieties of pottery, metal, glass, and wooden candleholder were beautiful in shape and magnificent in decoration. Chinese ancient lamps reached a new peak in its history at this period.

Lantern show on Lantern Festival spread almost every town, county and city in China in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Wherever there was Han race, even in the remotest town, colorful lanterns and firework would be shown and played all the night, drum and gong playing and acrobatics would last all the day. The Lantern Festival displayed people’s cleverness and folk customs with its flowery charm. Its profound cultural connotation and artistic fascination attracted millions of family, men and women, the old and the young like a magnet.  The Lantern Festival became a contest of making lamps and tying lamps. Both in city and town, lantern and shed could be seen everywhere. Lanterns shining on tress, people dancing and singing, the scene of festival became increasingly grand, lanterns became more and more skillful. As a result, the social economy and trade were increasingly promoted. The term of lantern show and the holiday became longer and longer.

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The Ming Dynasty witnessed another definite and thriving improvement of China. In the Qing Dynasty the social economy boomed in a great degree in the periods of Emperor Kang Xi(1661 – 1722), Emperor Yong Zheng ( 1723 – 1735) and Emperor Qian Long (1735 – 1796). The artifact and architectural art in the Ming – Qing Dynasties were assembled with the quintessence of arts in all past dynasties. Types of lamps and lanterns in this period of time were more prolific than those lanterns in the Tang – Song Dynasties. Especially the court lamp and lantern coupled with a dual function of lightening and appreciation came to its Golden Age. Meanwhile, all kinds of beautiful and exquisite ceramic lamps, metal lamps, glazed lamps and wooden lamp holders marked a new zenith of development of Chinese ancient lamps and lanterns.

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The lantern in Ming and Qing Dynasty

Copper kettle lamp, Qing Dynasty

Copper kettle lamp, Qing Dynasty

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