Gilt Bronze Human-Shaped Lamp

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Gilt Bronze Human-Shaped Lamp unearthed from the Tomb of Zhongshan Prince Jingwang in 1968, the tome is in Hebei Mancheng County.It is the earliest of existing lamp in China which is collected in Hebei Museum now.Advanced technology, structure in reason, Gilt Bronze Human-Shaped Lamp combines practical and aesthetic. And it’ is the art treasure in Han Dynasty’s practical crafts.

Gilt Bronze Human-Shaped Lamp

Gilt Bronze Human-Shaped Lamp

This lamp is the lighting equipment of Western Han Dynasty. The shape of the Gilt Bronze Human-shaped Lamp is a court lady holding a lamp. Her body is hollow. Head, body, right arm, lampholders, Lamp and shade are the whole component parts of the lamp. The head and right arm can be assembled or disassembled. The upper and lower parts of the lamp are engraved with some family emblems, they can Can be rotated to adjust the direction of light. The candle soot can fill into the body through  right arm to keep the room clean.

I think it’s the first Chinese lantern in the world.

Gilt Bronze Human-Shaped Lamp is a rare art treasure. It’s 48 centimeters in high, 30 centimeters in wide and 15.78 kilograms in weight.

Age: Han
High * thick * Width: 48 * 30 * 30cm
Museum: Hebei Museum

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