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Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 was closed

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In the countdown sound of the citizens, lasting 8-days’ 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival was closed at yesterday (March 7) 22:30, the main theme lantern, “Good Fortune to Taiwa ” was lighted last time, left a good memories for everyone.

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 attracted 4 main newspapers from Japanese , and many journalists who came from South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore and Malaysia, India and the Philippines, China, Germany, Britain, the United States, Australia, about 100 international media visits to Taiwan, has also attracted 20000 over foreign tourists.

Lai Se Zhen who was The minister of tourism in Taiwan, said her closing speech, she was very sorry about the 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival opening ceremony fireworks occur an accident (view the Taiwan Lantern Festival accident) , she hopes the injured will speedy recovery.

Taiwan lantern festival 2010 is closed

Taiwan lantern festival 2010 is closed

This year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival has received a total of more than 4 million tourists, the Lantern complex will continue showing the lights for the Taiwan citizens.

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