Lantern Festival Process

If you want run a Lantern Festival, you must attach importance to the process of holding a Lantern Festival.
1. the Market Investigation
The organizers should take a the local market investigation for analysis before  holding a lantern festival.
Including: adequate space, power supply situation, the local people’s consumption  level and  preferences, whether ever seen a Lantern Festival, what kind of the lantern  festival is they  expect, etc.. And then create a preliminary idea and direction. And  begin the next step to consider.

2. Revenue Projections

  • Ticket sales
  • The theme of the total title revenue
  • Lanterns Title income
  • Consolidated operating income such as: (tickets, venue rental, merchandise stall  rental)
  • Exhibited the venue all kinds of Advertising Revenue
  • Other Comprehensive Utilization of local conditions the development of income

3. To determine the purpose.

Theme, time, location of the lantern festival.

4. Set up a lantern festival organizer headquarters

  • The headquarters responsible by the commander,  headquarters consists of six  departments:
  • Planning Director: in charge of all the planning, arrangements for the lantern  festival;
  • Art Director: Responsible for the layout of the Lantern Festival and the  Quality;
  • Finance Director: Responsible for the entire financial and ticketing management of  the Lantern Festival;
  • Commercial Director: in charge of the investment and other matters related to  investment;
  • Office: responsible for the daily working arrangements during the Lantern  Festival;
  • Security Department: responsible for security at the Lantern Festival.

5. Preparation of funds

  • Organizer directly into
  • Multilateral cooperation, a joint venture

6. The allocation of funds

  • 60% into the production of Lanterns
  • 30% into a variety of media  (including press conferences, posters, tickets, advertising investment, law and order, security, etc.)
  • 10% into the integrated management costs (including: personnel expenses, office expenses, miscellaneous expenses, reception of foreign exchange, etc.)

7. Commissioning a professional lantern festival company to overall planning and designing
The planning and design include: according to the theme of organizers and related information, using of traditional Chinese culture, combined with the public host,  folk regional culture, as well as corporate culture, and the scale of investment, to reasonable plan and design and avoid security risks.

8. Lantern Festival organizer headquarters according to the plan  to design, arrangement

Organizers according to overall planning and design of the Lantern Festival projects, management  lanterns’ making, advertising and investment, and tender commission.

9. The production of professional Lantern Company specialized
Selectting a professional lantern company which must very proficient in the production and installation of Lantern complex.

10. Lantern Display
During the exhibition, relevant departments should make a law and order, fire plan to eliminate the risks.

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