Service Procedure

This is our service procedure for buying lantern complex or holding an lantern display in a lantern festival.

  1. Receiving the demand of the customers.
    • Offerring enterprises qualification, design, produce paper to customers.
    • Customers’ feedback.
    • Discussion¬† on the contract.
    • Contract signing.
  2. Planning and offering
    • According to contract, offering effect drawing and planning
  3. Manufactureing plan
    • According to planning, preparation materials and personnel
  4. Manufactureing Lanterns
    • Manufactureing the lanterns which are convenience of transportation, artistic¬† treatment, transportation.
  5. On-spot installment
    • Some lanterns can not easily transportation must be on-spot installment, on-spot installing is according to the cooperation schedule and other related units
  6. Maintenance of the lantern display
    • Basic maintenance the emergency during the lantern display
  7. Uninstalling of lanterns
    • Clearing work after the lantern display
  8. Conclusion

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