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Chinese Lantern Festival Video News from CCTV

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This is a Chinese Lantern Festival Video News from CCTV9, according to this news the Lantern Festival is ready every place in China.

The next celebration of the Festival which is after the Spring Festival is the Chinese Lantern Festival in China, which celebrated over a week after the 15th day of lunar month. The whole country is ready to light the lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

The Lantern Festival marks the end of 15 days to celebrate the Spring Festival. After the break, it’s time for starting the fresh next year 2010.

This year is the year of the Tiger in China, so people make many kinds of tiger shaped lanterns.

Each lantern cost about 6 hours to be make, and the Prices of tiger shaped lanterns are between 10 and 500 yuan, depending on model and size.Other popular designs are traditional symbols of prosperity and happiness.

On the night of the first full moon of the lunar new year, it’s a tradition for people to walk carrying lanterns often shaped like the zodiac animal of that lunar year.

On the evening of the first full moon of the lunar new year is a tradition for people to hold some animals shaped lanterns of the zodiac walking on the road of the lantern fair.

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