Lantern Festival Knowledge

What is the Lantern Festival?

Chinese Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival which is celebrated in the first month 15th of Chinese Lunar calendar, Lantern Festival is the biggest folk activity which can be enjoyed by young and old, and is very popular among both scholars and semi-illiterates alike. More about what is the Lantern Festival?

What is the Lantern Complex (also called Lantern Group, Lantern Sets or Lantern Display)?

Lantern Complex is the most  composition elements of Lantern Festival, each Lantern Complex is independent, it show a story or a landscape or a mood. the size of Lantern Festival based on its content and the exhibition space, and the area of one Large-scale Lantern Comeplex may be one hundred  to  hundreds square meters, the small area one may be several square meters,  most of the Lantern Complex is about 30-50 square meters.

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What are the characteristics of Lantern Festival?

Lantern Festival is worthy of watching, knowledgable, entertaining, participatory, magnificent. Lanterns glow from inner , and decorate with external light source. And in the lantern complex often installed transmission equipment to make lanterns with shape, color, sound, light, action of characteristics.

  • Shape: Lanterns are all beautifully shaped.
  • Color:  All the lanterns are richly colored.
  • Sound: Lanterns often emit a soud like a human or animal.
  • Light: The Lanterns’ light sources are in amazing colors.
  • Action: The Lanterns are  true to life by the actions.

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What’s the exhibition space requirements of holding a Lantern Festival?

Different Lantern Festival scale, requires a different size of the Lantern Festival  venues.Usually we can hold a medium-sized and above Lantern Festival in an area of  20,000 square meters or above. The Lantern Festival ‘d better hold in a park or  somewhere there are trees and grass in it, with lake or pool is the preferred choice.   It will be a better combination of the lantern and the landscape garden, so that the  lantern can blending with scenery. The second choice would be the open area like  stadium/ residence community/ squares, etc. The place should be selected near the  parking lot, transport facilities, the relative concentration of the population, and  other supporting public facilities, it’ll highlight the advantages of the venue.

What’s the electricity requirements of holding a Lantern Festival?

In general, the power consumption of a medium-sized Lantern Festival is around 350kw,  the large one will be above 500kw, the giant one will near 1,000kw. Therefore, the  organizers should take seriously in the electricity supply problem. Capacity which is  not enough,  should be compatibilization.

What’s the  meaning of modern Lantern Festival?

Modern Lantern Festival have increasingly become the synonymous of  “Spirit Harmony” and “a new media advertising”, the Lantern Festival changed from a Chinese folk activity to a carrier of culture which is  full of cultural content and modern activities. Modern Lantern Festival usually use culture and entertainment to attract attention, with the attention to get the economic benefits.

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Special Material Lanterns in the Lantern Festival

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