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The Tiger hand lantern is the mascot in the Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010, Taiwan Lantern Festival take place every year, it’s a popular traditional folk events for its cultural connotations and economic value.

The name of the “Lucky Tiger” plays on the rhyming of the Chinese characters for “lucky” and “tiger”.

taiwan tiger lantern

taiwan tiger lantern

The lantern capture the lively and quick personality of the tiger holding trapeze rings and wearing a vest with the number ’99′, referring to the year 2010 (the 99th year of the ROC) as well as the similar sounding Chinese characters for “long lasting.”
In addition to its static appeal, the lantern also uses the dynamics of the paper to enable the tiger to spin on the trapeze, adding to the fun of seasonal fun.

And there is another tiger lantern in Zigong lantern festival, it’s so big, I think it’s the biggest tiger lantern in the world.

  1. lee yi lin says:

    what is lucky tiger made of?

  2. Risa Harada says:

    You can try to use a few pieces of colorful papers.

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