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Some school usually gives the homework about make a paper lantern before the Lantern Festival, that’s not a very difficulte thing, there are many ways to make a lantern, in this post, I’ll show you how to make a red paper lantern within 5 easy steps, the pictures is from a manual arts book.

At first, you must get these materials  for this work.

Material: red paper*1 knife*1 stick*1 threads*n(n>1)

Step 1: Use the knife line out a rectangle in the red paper, remove the area of the rectangle.

Step 2: To fold the red paper, and then re-spread

Step 3: Coated one of the long end of the rectangular red paper with glue.

Step 4: After being glued, pressure from the upper and lower to the middle, to let the folded part stand out.

Step 5: Hanging threads and stick to finish the handicraft.

Suggestions: Using Battery-powered light bulb as the light source is better than using candles for light in these minitype simple lanterns.

If you think this lantern is too simple, you can view here:

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