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Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 is from 28th of February to 7th of March , 2010. It takes place next to Chiayi Park, ChiaYi City.

About Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

The 15th day of the first lunar month each year, known as “Yuan Xiao”, is one of the three major traditional festivals in Taiwan. It is also the first festival celebration after the start of the Lunar New Year. Special events include the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Pingxi Heavenly Lanterns, Taitung Bombing of the God Handan, the Beehive Rockets of Yanshui, the Taipei Lantern Festival, and traditional celebratory temple rituals. The Discovery Channel’s “Fantastic Festivals of the World” program also strongly recommended the Taiwan Lantern Festival as one of the world’s best festival events. Since 1990, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has organized the Taiwan Lantern Festival, and this year, the festival enters its 21st year. The centerpiece of the event is a giant theme lantern modeled on the Chinese zodiacal animal of the year, accompanied by subsidiary lanterns and special lantern areas such as the Hope & Wishes lantern section, the Fun-Filled lantern section and many others, all of which successfully display the art of lantern-making. During the official opening ceremony, performing groups from Taiwan and overseas enliven the festivities.

Program and Schedule of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

  • Lantern Rehearsal – 2010.27th.Feb Saturday
  • Opening performances – 2010.28th.Feb Sunday
  • Lantern Lighting Ceremony – 2010.28th.Feb Sunday
  • Lantern Extinguishing & Closing Ceremony – 2010.7th.Mar Sunday

Special offers for international tour groups

  1. Tour groups visiting Taiwan during the Taiwan Lantern Festival (February 28 to March 7) will receive the official Taiwan Lantern Festival Hand-Lantern and the 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival Eco-Friendly Cup.
  2. Tours visiting the Taiwan Lantern Festival will also receive assorted Chiayi local specialty products.

Dm of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

Main theme lantern area desin concept of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

The main theme lantern named “Good Fortune to Taiwan”,  this theme, chosen by Prof. Tseng Yung-yi, incorporates the Chinese character “fu” or “good fortune” both for its direct auspicious meaning as well as its homonymic proximity to “hu” or tiger – the Chinese zodiac animal for 2010.

Combining both traditional, high-tech and local cultural elements, the main theme lantern depicts a tiger leaping over a rainbow bridge as a symbol of coming good fortune. The abstract design also depicts the mountains of Chiayi (this year’s festival host) and the sunrise and cloud formations of Alishan. The installation is paired with two cute tiger cub lanterns, adding a feeling of family happiness to the propitious theme.

The lighting display uses 3D photography techniques developed by the Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, as well as internal and external lighting displays coordinated with music. Mirrors and partial reflectors further add to the high-tech effect of the display.

Six Stages of the Lantern Lighting in Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

  1. Good Fortune to Taiwan – Heaven’s blessing of good fortune to the people of Taiwan
  2. Auspicious Chiayi – The light of fortune shining on the Chiayi area
  3. Resplendent Lanterns and the Moon – The brilliance of the decorative lanterns and the moonlight on the night of the Lantern Festival
  4. Peace on Earth – Wishes for the peace and safety of the world
  5. Celebrating 99 Years – Welcoming spring and economic recovery in the 99th year of the ROC
  6. Halcyon Days – Songs of joy for the prosperity of democratic society

Secondary Lantern Areas of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010

Lucky kylin – The kylin is a mythical animal said to bring good luck. This lantern brings the spirit of the kylin to the 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival along with the hope of peace and prosperity. It also reflects the local culture of the host city Chiayi with its unique cochin ceramic-like design.

Dragon and Tiger prayers for fortune – in traditional Chinese lore, dragons soar in the heavens and tigers roam the earth. Invincible brothers, they come together in this lantern to depict a scene of power and courage under the rising sun, the vitality of the world, and the wish for the peace and prosperity of Taiwan.

Soaring phoenix – The phoenix is a legendary divine bird. It is also a symbol of good luck and brilliance as well as king of the birds. With the power to tame the  chaos of the world. Here the phoenix sings a song of good omen for Chiayi and the people of Taiwan.

Leaping tortoise – In a legendary tale. A school of carp swims up the Yellow River and attempt to leap over a waterfall called the Dragon Gate. Those who succeeded turned into tortoises and then into dragons. This lantern depicts three tortoises undergoing this metamorphis. Symbolizing the delication to work for a better future.

There has another Lantern Festival in Zigong, it’s is very amazing too, each of Zigong Lantern Festival and Taiwan Lantern Festival has its advantages.

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