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Lantern Festival Beijing 2010

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In order to enrich the New Year activities of people and foreign tourists in Beijing . Beijing will hold 64 grand cultural activities, temple fair and Lantern Festival, from 2010 February 11 to February 28(the Chinese Lantern Festival at 2010).

beijing lantern festival 2010

beijing lantern festival 2010

If you want get more details about the time and place of Lantern Festival Beijing 2010, you can visited people.com.cn.( people.com.cn Chinese character news)

  1. Li ma-Ke' says:

    Yuan-Xiao Jie kwi le’!!! Happy Lantern festival to everyone!!! We finished our last Lion-dance today at a Chinese restaurant in Ohio, U.S.A.! So, we are ready to relax and celebrate the Lantern Festival with some ‘sticky-rice balls’! Hu nian Hao le’! Bao Zhong, Shi-fu Li

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