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When is the Lantern Festival?

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Maybe many people  ask that: When is the Lantern Festival?

The answer is:the Lantern Festival is in the first month 15th of Lunar calendar (A lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on cycles of the moon phase).

eg.2010′s Lantern Festival is  in  2010/02/28.
2011′s Lantern Festival is in 2011/02/17.
2012′s Lantern Festival is in 2012/02/06.
2013′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/02/24.
2014′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/02/14.
2015′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/03/05.
2016′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/02/22.
2017′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/02/11.
2018′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/03/02.
2019′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/02/19.
2020′s Lantern Festival is in 2010/02/08.

tang yuan in the lantern festival

Tang yuan in the lantern festival

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