When is the Lantern Festival?

Maybe many people  ask that: When is the Lantern Festival? The answer is:the Lantern Festival is in the first month 15th of Lunar calendar (A lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on cycles of the moon phase). eg.2010′s Lantern Festival is  in  2010/02/28. 2011′s Lantern Festival is in 2011/02/17. 2012′s Lantern Festival is in 2012/02/06. 2013′s Lantern Festival is in...

Overview Of Lantern Festival

Now let us talk about the Overview Of Lantern Festival. The first month of the lunar year is called as “night”by the eld and the 15th day is the first plenilune night of a year,so we call lunar calendar Jan. 15th as Festival of  lanterns which is also named as XiaoZhengYue, Yuan Xi, and the first important feast after spring festival. Hanging lantern in Lantern Festival Read more about...

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