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This Legend Of Lantern Festival is about Yuan Shikai and the Lantern Festival.

It is said that after the 1911 Revolution, Yuan Shikai wants to become the emperor once again. However, he fears that people opposed him, he was disturbed every day.

One day, he heard the person selling Yuan Xiao on the street, the people shouting: “Yuan – Xiao(In Chinese word Xiao means extinction).”Yuan Shikai thought “Xiao” is every inauspicious. So before the 1913,Yuan Shikai issued a decree. The Lantern Festival only can be  called “Tang Yuan” cannot be called “Yuanxiao”.

Yuan Shikai and the Lantern Festival

Yuan Shikai and the Lantern Festival

However, people are reluctant to follow his orders, the Lantern Festival still called “Yuan Xiao” in folk.

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