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There are various popular and interesting legends of Lantern Festival,this post we talk about ‘Dong Fang Shuo and the Yuan Xiao girl’.The legend is about the custom of eating Yuan Xiao. Emperor Wu of Han has a favorite minister called Dong Fang Shuo.He has good sense of humor and kind-hearted.When he first entered the door, he found a court lady ready to jump into the well,who burst into tears. Dong Fang Shuo hurriedly came forward to rescue, and asked her out the causes of suicide. Originally, this court lady is called the Yuan Xiao,her parents and a younger sister were at home. Since she was in the palace, they have never met again.Now the spring festival was coming,her miss her family even more.She cannot be respectful of her parents,she might as well a suicide. Dong Fang Shuo listened to her experience sympathy, and he assured her to let her and their families together.

Legend Of Dong Fang Shuo and Yuan Xiao girl

Legend Of Dong Fang Shuo and Yuan Xiao girl

One day, Dongfang Shuo Chu Gong went to Chang’an street,and he set a stall to practice divination. Many people begged him to divination.Unexpectedly, each person’s result of divination, was “fire would burn to the body in Sixteenth”.All of a sudden, it caused a great panic in Chang’an.Everybody asked the way to avoid disaster. Dong Fang Shuo said: “the first month on the 13th evening, the god of fire would send a fairy who wore red cloth,down to earth to visit, and she is a messenger to burn Chang’an out.I wouldl tell you to stop all of this. ” Finally, he threw down a red scroll, and sped away. People pick up the red scroll, and quickly sent it to the emperor in the palace.

Emperor Wu of Han took a look at it,the red scroll said:”Chang’an will have a major disaster, the flame will burn the palace, and it will happen in New Year 15th days from the sky, the sky will be dyed red. “Emperor startled,immediately sent for his resourceful minister – Dong Fang Shuo.

Dong Fang Shuo pretended to lose in thought, and said:”Someone heard the fire gods favorite TangYuan,didn’t the court lady named YuanXiao often do it for you? In the fifteenth night,we can let that girl make some Tang Yuan. My majesty can Present these Tang Yuan yourself,and command everyone make Tangyuan,and dedicate them to the god of fire. And order that the people light lanterns, shoot off firecrackers, explode fireworks,that looks like everything is burned by fire,this can do deception the Jade Emperor.In addition, informing the people,come to the street,enjoy the lanterns in the 15th,it can expulse of evil. “Emperor heard that,he was very happy, according to the way of Dongfang Shuo to do it. By the first month on the 15th Chang’an city decorated with lanterns and colored ribbons. Yuan Xiao’s parents also brought her sister came here. When they saw that word read”Yuan Xiao” in the big lanterns, they shouted: “Yuan Xiao!Yuan Xiao!” Yuan Xiao heard the shout,finally she reunited with her family and relatives. Such a fun night, Chang’an Town turned out safe and sound. Emperor Wu of Han overjoyed, and ordered everyone makes Tang Yuan and dedicate them to the god of fire in the the fifteenth day of every year.City also decorated with lanterns and colored ribbons.People use Yuan Xiao’s name who made Tang Yuan best to named Yuan Xiao,and this day has been called Yuan Xiao festival(the Lantern Festival).

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