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Another legend of the Lantern Festival was set up by the Han Emperor for commemorate the Ping Lu.

After Han’s emperor Liu Bang’s death, Liu Ying who was the Empress Lu’s son, became the Han Hui emperor. Han Hui emperor‘s disposition was weak, indecisive.his right gradually fell in the hands of Empress Lu. Empress Lu attached importance to her family – Lu, reduce the status of people who named Liu, many ministers were not agreed with her, and they were very angry. However, they all afraid of Empress Lu who often did something cruelty resentment to them.

After Empress Lu died,the people whose surname is Lu, were very afraid of retaliation. So they secretly gathered on the general Lvlu’s home, in an attempt to launch a judge to kill the opposition.

Liu Xiang(royal clan king) aware of this matter, in order to save Liu’s country, he the decision revolted crusade Lu. He and veteran Zhou Bo, Chen Ping to get in touchb, and killed Lvlu with a trick. Then, “Zhu Lv Rebellion” has finally been completely pacified. After the chaos subsided, ministers elected the second son(Liu Heng) of Liu Bang as the emperor, Liu Heng been called Emperor Wen of Han.

"Zhu Lv Rebellion" 's comic-book

"Zhu Lv Rebellion" 's comic-book

Emperor Wen of Han deeply felt that the hard-won peace and prosperity were too precious. He formulated the day when “Zhu Lv Rebellion” was calm, every family decorated the capital to mark the occasion.Since then, the new year 15th has become a celebrated folk festival – “Lantern Festival.”

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