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About the Lantern Festival Legends, this post is about the history lighting colourful lantern. Long long ago, there were a lot of ferocious beasts, they hurted human and  livestocks everywhere, therefore, people combined togeter to fight against them. Unfortunately, a uninformed hunter killed a bird from paradise who lost its way in mortal world by mistake.

The Emperor of Heaven got furious when he heard about this, he promulgated an  edict immediately, let the heaven’s soldiers set fire to mortal world every the 15th day of the first month, to burn out everything in mortal’s world. The Emperor of Heaven’s daughter is very kindhearted, she couldn’t have the heart to watch  innocent people suffering. So she came to the mortal world by cloud secretly, risked her life to pass the message to people. The people are appalled at the  message, felt like a thunder blast in the head.

Chinese Emperor of Heaven

Chinese the Emperor of Heaven

After a long time, an old person come up with a sure way, he said: “In the first month 14th, 15th, 16th. Every household turned on the lanterns, burn firecrackers, and lit Smoke. Then the Jade Emperor‘s soldiers would think that people have been burned to death.

Everyone nodded, and prepared separately. In the fifteenth day evening, the Jade Emperor looked at the earth and found there were full of red light, noise deafening. And it continued for three nights, thought it was fire burning flames, feel very well.In this way, the people keep their lives and property.  To commemorate this success, every fifteenth day, every household hung chinese lanterns, and burn firecrackers to mark the occasion.

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