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Lantern Festival facts

My English is not very good that it seems to me that the Lantern Festival facts means some interesting and useful information about the Lantern Festival, if it’s correct, please ready this post. If I make a mistake about this words please tell me the really means, I’ll fix it soon.

dragon boat lantern

dragon boat lantern

  • The Lantern Festival began in Han dynasty(A.D. 25 -  A.D.220 )
  • The Lantern Fstival is held every 15th on first lunar month.
  • The four important festivals in China are the Spring Festival,  the Lantern Festival, the Drgon-boat Festival and the Mid-autumn Festival.
  • Chinese Lantern Festival and the Tanabata Festival is the Ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day.
  • In the morning of Japanese Lantern Festival, there is a habit of eating small beans congee, Japanese believed that beans can avoid evil things.
  • China is known for silk in ancient time, rats often eaten silkworms that time, so that people cook a pot of gruel for the rats specifically in the Lantern Festival to avoid their silkworms being eaten.
  • Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore is the areas that most frequent celebrated the Lantern Festival

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