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In Chinese Lantern Festival, there has two traditional foods, Tangyuan and Yuanxiao.  The round shape of the dumpling is a symbol of wholeness,  completeness and comity.Tangyuan’s English name is named as glue pudding & sweet dumplings. Yuanxiao’s English name is named as ‘Lantern Festival‘.

Chinese Lantern Festival food - yuanxiao

Chinese Lantern Festival food - yuanxiao

Even in China, many Chinese people consider them to be the same food, but they are different certainty.

The difference between Tangyuan and Yuanxiao

The difference between Tangyuan and Yuanxiao is the way they are made and cooked.  This is because that Chinese in different geographic areas prepare the food in different ways.

Chinese Lantern Festival food - tangyuan

Chinese Lantern Festival food - tangyuan

Most Southerners eat and make Tangyuan, its making way like making jiaozi [dumplings, they use wet flour wrappers to fold around a filling.Most southerners like briny taste food, so that the  filling usually use meat filling.

Most Northerners eat and make Yuanxiao, its make way is contrary.  Northerners always make filling first,  and use the filling roll on the flour.Most northerners like sweet taste food, so that the  filling usually use bean paste filling.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. You have a nice site as well, and Yuanxiao are always a fun treat. Sweet things rock!

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    Love this website great for what i needed. Great for social studies!!

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    we are interested in knowing more about your
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    and lampions parks and more !?
    thank you
    JT Polla

  4. polla jt says:

    Dear Mr CHEN,

    THank you for answering.
    WE are still trying to find or get in touch with the group of artists and cooks and the old Chineese string puppet theatre who visited ISRAEL 3 years ago and had an enormous success with their “latern festival” that I saw in TEL AVIV.
    They where received by the Israely government and we like to present something like that in several European Cities.If you like we can send you a scan of the broshure that we had in Israel back than.
    You can allways reach by by email or call us on 004366473664271
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    JT Polla
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  5. A says:

    Are there any other Chinese Lantern Festival Recipes?

  6. lucy says:

    Sorry, but I come from wuxi and we like sweet food, not briny food. xuwu

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    Wow, these lamptern recepes are amazing, they really inspire me to make some dung balls.

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