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In modern time, the Chinese lanterns is not easy to use that kinds of lamps, but why we still use Chinese lanterns in many places? The cultural characteristics of Chinese lanterns is the reason.

Maybe some one will ask that what’s the cultural characteristics of Chinese lanterns?

When we talk about Chinese lanterns, we will certainly think about the red color and festive atmosphere. The following tips can help you know the  cultural characteristics of Chinese lanterns.

Why did most of Chinese lanterns use red color?

Reason one: Chinese lanterns were used in Chinese traditional festive holiday, people believed that red color can expel evil from their home.

Reason two: In China and many country red color is a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity of the family.( On the contrary, if the lanterns were used in the funeral, the color will use white)

red Chinese lantern

red Chinese lantern

The pride of the Chinese nation

Chinese lantern crafts is very famous in the world, many kinds of exquisite lanterns in the world were made by Chinese people. As China began to grow, people began to require spiritual satisfaction. Chinese lanterns as a very proud culture, can give the people which they need. It can embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people.

lantern complex in lantern festival

lantern complex in lantern festival

Fantastic visual

Chinese lanterns become more and more rich in visual enjoyment, it is full of culture content, it is often used as cultural exchange programs between countries to enhance friendship between the peoples of two countries, so you can view many Chinese Lantern Festival held in other countries outside China.

lantern festival in Canada

lantern festival in Canada

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