Singapore Lantern Festival

As an international metropolis with many local Chinese, Singapore held the Lantern Festival every year, the festival usually took place in Chinese new year, Lantern Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival at 3 places: Chinatown (牛车水), Singapore River and Chinese Garden where have many local Chinese. Singapore Lantern Festival Singapore Lantern Festival is very famous in Southeast Asia, and bring a...

The Origination and Development of Chinese Folk Lanterns

Chinese folk lanterns initiated from palace lanterns and palace lanterns originated from the custom of hanging lanterns at the night of the 15th of the 1st lunar month (Yuanxiao Jie / Lantern Festival) around in East Han dynasty. About the origination of Yuanxiao Festival, generally there are three versions: one is that Yuanxiao Festival was to offer a sacrifice to the Heaven, another version...

Chinese Lantern Culture

Chinese lantern culture has a long history, the invention of lamps and lanterns has close relationship with the fact that people got to understand and made use of fire. The invention of lamps and lanterns presupposes human being’s cognition and preservation of fire. Darkness has never been our friends since remote past. It does not only limits people’s various activities but also makes good chances...

Celebration Lantern Design

In China, the Lantern Festival often hold by the Chinese Government, so the Celebration Lantern Design often shows China is rich and power, and our people’s happiness, that’s full of political elements and political slogans. In the young people’s eyes, it’s very silly, they don’t like this design. I think so, it’s not appeal to young men, but it’s existence...

A glass bottles lantern – Kylin Presenting Luck

Kylin Presenting Luck is a lantern sets on Zigong Lantern Festival, Zigong Lantern Festivals facture unigue materials in manufacfuring. The Kylins in different manner and modelling are, to your surprise, formed by 800,000 glass bottles. It comes true to turn waste into mystery. Kylin lantern Kylin Presenting Luck often exhibtioned outside China, it’s very popular in Environmentalists. And it...

Tortoise Lantern

According to an ancient books’ animals, a grand canyon without bottom lay to the East of Bahai sea. The five mountains in the canyon often drifted with the tide. There for, the emperor in the Heaven commanded fifteen giant tortoises to hold them up on the backs. From then on, the countains kept motionless. The Lantern Festival after Song Dynasty took the story into lanterns. Generally, the modelling...

The most beautiful lantern in the world

I’m a craftsmen of Chinese Lantern Festival, I have saw various lanterns, now few lanterns can move my heart , ‘Where is the most beautiful lantern? ‘ I think it does not exist. But a lantern complex in Zigong Lantern Festival this year is too beautiful, after I saw it, ‘Yes, the most beautiful lantern must is it‘ I think. I’m so excited that it was long before he...

Dragon Lantern

The Dragon Lantern is a essential element in Chinese Lantern Festival, maybe some Westerns didn’t know why we always make the Dragon lanterns in Chinese Lantern Festival, I think it’s for the cultures of Westerns and Easterns. The meaning of Dragon is different between Westerns and Easterns The Dragon is legendary creature, it has different means between the eyes of Chinese and Westerners....

Chinese fancy lantern and the ACG 2

In Chinese fancy lantern and the ACG 1, I have told about the flexibility of wire is not enough to express a complex cartoon character face. Then, how to make a  complex cartoon character face or human face in the lantern festival? The answers are two ways: 1.Use a special FRP  material which is translucent. Merit: Can easliy finished the complex face or other complex shape. Demerits: It’s...

Special Material Lanterns in the Lantern Festival

As we know, the Chinese lanterns were made of silk or paper usually, and in the past few years,  more and more material were used in the Chinese lanterns.  especially in the Lantern Festival. They are so beautiful and amazing. I share some special material lanterns in the Lantern Festival here. 1 The porcelain material dragon lantern The porcelain material dragon lantern 2 The porcelain material...

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