Chinese lanterns in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Ming and Qing Dynasties were another most prosperous period in Chinese history. The lamp utensils in the dynasties were richer than those in Tang and Song Dynasties. Chinese Palace lantern with the features of lighting and appreciation reached its most splendor peak. Varieties of pottery, metal, glass, and wooden candleholder were beautiful in shape and magnificent in decoration. Chinese ancient lamps...

Lanterns in Sui and Tang Dynasty (AD581 – AD907)

Lanterns in Sui Dynasty In Sui Dynasty, lantern festival declined or flourished from time to time. emperor Suiwendi (581—604) forbid the lantern festival while Suiyangdi was fond of it. On every Jan 15th of lunar calendar, Suiyangdi (569—618) would order to hold grand lantern show. Lantern shed, drama stage stretched 4km starting from the palace gate. Actors and actresses were more than 30000,...

Origin of lamp

After discovery of the fire, the fire became the source of lamp, the lamp is the source of Chinese lantern. Sprouting of lamp The conservation of live cinder and collective use of fire laid a foundation for lamp. One million seven hundred thousand years ago, the first fire human ancestors ignited could be called the first artificial light source—lamp. In the site of Haiyuan Stone Age in Ningxia (about...

Inside photos in Chinese Lantern Museum

After our reform project, you can find 4 main theme about Chinese lanterns in the 7 halls of Chinese Lantern Museum,  the history of Chinese lanterns, Zigong Lantern Festival, Chinese lantern crafts, Chinese lantern complexes. If you do not have a chance to get there, you can follow my photos tour Chinese Lantern Museum. [Show as slideshow] ...

Chinese Lantern Museum

The Chinese Lantern Museum is located in the Zigong Colorful Lantern Park. The city Zigong is the hometown of Chinese Lantern Festival, know more about Zigong Lantern Festival. The Chinese Lantern Museum is the only lantern museum in China. Because Lanterns, Dinosaurs, Solt are the symbol of Zigong. The Chinese Lantern Museum was built in 1992 and reformed in 2008. In the museum collected many Chinese...

Oriental lantern

Three Asian countries’ lanterns can show all the characteristics of oriental lantern, they are Chinese lanterns, Japanese lanterns, and Indian lanterns. No.1 Oriental Lantern – Chinese Lantern Chinese lanterns are the most famous lantern in the world, it’s also the most wildly used lanterns, generally used for the Lantern Festivals, and outdoor decoration, Chinese lanterns are made...

Chinese Lantern making

Today, I’ll try to write something about Chinese lantern making, in China, the Chinese lanterns has two using ways. The first way of using Chinese lanterns are the environmental decorations, the second way of using Chinese lanterns are in the Lantern Festival. They looked completely different. Traditional Chinese Lantern lantern complex in Lantern Festival The traditional Chinese lanterns were...

Why does most traditional Chinese lantern has 8 surface?

Today, my foreign friends asked that why does most traditional Chinese lantern has 8 surface? I had not noticed this problem before, but I think it’s because the following two reasons. 1. Octagonal Chinese lanterns framework can save material( if you use 3dsmax to create a octagonal Chinese lanterns you will find it), keep firm structure  and ensure lanterns looks like a round. In China round...

The cultural characteristics of Chinese lanterns

In modern time, the Chinese lanterns is not easy to use that kinds of lamps, but why we still use Chinese lanterns in many places? The cultural characteristics of Chinese lanterns is the reason. Maybe some one will ask that what’s the cultural characteristics of Chinese lanterns? When we talk about Chinese lanterns, we will certainly think about the red color and festive atmosphere. The following...

Temple of Heaven lantern working drawing

Temple of Heaven is a famous landmark building  of China, we made it too many times in the Lantern Festival for it’s too popular in the world. In Canada Chinese Lantern Festival, the pictures of Temple of Heaven lantern was used to be the publicity stunts, and help this festival got a great success. Temple of Heaven lantern in Canada Chinese Lantern Festival The temple complex of Temple of...

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