Chinese Lantern Museum

The Chinese Lantern Museum is located in the Zigong Colorful Lantern Park. The city Zigong is the hometown of Chinese Lantern Festival, know more about Zigong Lantern Festival.

The Chinese Lantern Museum is the only lantern museum in China. Because
Lanterns, Dinosaurs, Solt are the symbol of Zigong.

The Chinese Lantern Museum was built in 1992 and reformed in 2008. In the museum collected many Chinese lanterns. In the Lantern Festival, Zigong usually held Zigong Lantern Festival in Zigong Colorful Lanterns park, at that time you can found thousands of Chinese lanterns were around Chinese Lantern Museum.

Chinese Lantern Museum reform before picture

Chinese Lantern Museum reform before picture

The Chinese Lantern Museum covers more than 22,000 square meters area. The total construction area covers about 6375 square meters. It is decorated with the Chinese lantern theme. The shape of the museum looks like a big palace lanterns. Its unique architectural style attracts many tourists.

Chinese Lantern Museum has 7 exhibition halls in the museum after reform in 2008 by my company, and their layout shows great originality. The museum has many precious exhibitions, such as lantern documents from the Paleolithic Age to the Republic of China, some special lanterns from both China and other countries as well as some competitive lanterns.

For the reforming of Chinese Lantern Museum, many precious exhibitions and documents has not be displayed in the museum, I’ll release them in my post one after another.


China Lantern Museum is a special organization approved by the State Cultural Relics Protection Administrative Bureau for “collection, protection, research and display”of China lantern culture.

China Lantern Museum located in Zigong Lantern Park, Sichuan Province. We initiated the construction in June, 1990. It was opened to the public on Feb. 1 of 1994. It covers a total area of 22000 square meters with building area of 6375 square meters. The building takes lantern culture as the theme. The modeling features overlapping solid geometries, which imitate traditional palace lanterns and have the windows shaped like circle or rhombus inlaid, forming a set of large-sized palace lantern architecture.

China Lantern Museum sets eight exhibition halls containing ten units. The whole exhibition is composed of four parts presenting China lantern history, Zigong lantern festival development history, the essence of Zigong lanterns and domestic and foreign lantern cultures. The museum collects the historical relics and books on lanterns dating from the Old Stone Age to the period of Republic of China, the unique lanterns from domestic cities as well as the masterpiece lanterns domestically and internationally displayed in Zigong lantern shows, hence, the epitome of China lantern culture and Zigong lantern festival.

Since 1994 when the museum was open to the public, it has received three million Chinese and foreign visitors. Depending on its own advantages and abilities, the museum has hosted one hundred medium- and large-sized lantern shows in domestic and foreign cities, making contribution to the fame of “No. 1 Lantern Show under Heaven”.

The museum has been listed in “Top 50 Sichuan Tourism Attractions”, the state level “AAA” tourism spots and praised by international tourism specialists as the museum that strongly features oriental magical culture and bears potential development value.

My design for the Chinese Lantern Museum Reform in 2008

Design for the Chinese Lantern Museum Reform in 2008

My design for the Chinese Lantern Museum Reform 2 in 2008

Design for the Chinese Lantern Museum Reform 2 in 2008

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