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Chinese Lantern making

Today, I’ll try to write something about Chinese lantern making, in China, the Chinese lanterns has two using ways. The first way of using Chinese lanterns are the environmental decorations, the second way of using Chinese lanterns are in the Lantern Festival. They looked completely different.

Traditional Chinese Lantern

Traditional Chinese Lantern

lantern complex in Lantern Festival

lantern complex in Lantern Festival

The traditional Chinese lanterns were usually made in some Chinese towns’ workshops by the farmers who have ancestral lanterns’ arts and crafts, their production scale is small, some businessman put them together to run the Chinese lanterns factory. The traditional Chinese lanterns’ crafts is not very complicated, so you can find many foreigner made Chinese paper lanterns for the need of their people in other country.

After the traditional Chinese lanterns developing, in the Lantern Festival, the lantern lanterns were bigger and bigger, more complex and more complex, the traditional Chinese lanterns factory can’t make the lantern complex which are so complicated, it must be made by many types of workers such like designers, artists, fitters, carpenters, paper hangers and so on. And these people’s company changed their job functions from Chinese lanterns making into planning, design and manufacture. So you can saw many beautiful Chinese lantern complexes appeared around the world.

I recommend some of the world’s best Lantern Festival which were made by us here, if you have interest, you can read them :-)

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